Remote Working? Here’s What To Expect.

The latest Government advice is for firms to implement remote working wherever possible. Given the number of support calls we have received over the past few days this advice is being heeded. It would be no surprise if, under new powers, the Government implement a lockdown in the next few weeks which will leave businesses with no choice. Either remote work or close down.

There are numerous businesses that cannot simply move to a work from home model and so those that can should be extremely grateful that the technology exists. However, nobody should be under any illusion that things will carry on as normal.

To implement a system for all of your staff to work from home all of the time would take a large amount of planning. The hardware and software installed would be geared towards this, and it would be implemented in a controlled and measured way, with staff trained on how to use the system.

The solutions being implemented at the present time will do the job. However, they’ve not undergone a planning stage, the hardware and software may not lend themselves to remote working and it’s all being implemented in a bit of a hurry.

So, the experience may be less than perfect! If you’re remote working here’s what to expect.

Everything will be slower!

Depicts a slow computer using a snail and a loading bar

Expect dial up type speeds, waiting for things to load, and lots of timers whirling on screens. The simple fact is remotely accessing via an internet connection will be slower than being wired into the network or attached on site via WiFi. If performance is better than this, then rejoice!

There is nothing anyone can do about this. For the time being embrace this as the new normal and continue to be grateful that you can work at all!

Mass work from home will also put an unprecedented strain on the countries connectivity. Again, expect slowdowns, intermittent internet drop outs, and connectivity issues. Remember whilst we support your ISP as a third-party provider at your business premises we will not be able to support home connections. Your ISP will not speak to us, we are not the account holder.

Security is an (even more) massive issue than usual

Again, implementation in a hurry is not great for security.

When employees work outside the safety net of the business network, it opens the organisation up to devices and WiFi networks that are potentially insecure – as well as users who no longer think they are “at work”.

These lowered defences bring a ‘perfect storm’ for cyber criminals that prey on unsuspecting employees. Using social engineering techniques, hackers can trick workers into giving up corporate credentials to online resources, install malware, commit fraud, and more. 

It’s vital that you reiterate to employees the characteristics of phishing and social engineering attacks and implore them to be extra vigilant.

How We Can Help

You’ve now got an idea of remote working and what you can expect. To help further we’ve added a ‘Remote Working’ page to our website where we are adding free resources and information. Keep checking back as we’ll be adding to it on a regular basis.

If you want any advice on how to get remote working setup for your business do not hesitate to contact us. We can undertake an initial meeting by video call, and will often be able to get everything set up without the need for a site visit.

We have the technology!