Is that Mr Burns? No it’s Field Engineer Pete Marsden. Excellent!

Our series of posts introducing the Your IT Team continues with our Projects Engineer, Pete Marsden.

Field Engineer Pete Marsden

What’s your role at Your IT?

My role at Your IT is to undertake the main project work. This gets me involved in the installation of new hardware, the configuration of servers, office 365 migrations and a host of other one-off jobs with our customers. In addition to this, I also provide general IT support, working with the rest of the team.

Tell us a bit about your background:

After graduating from the University of Plymouth I fell into IT support in the education sector where I stayed for around 10 years supporting both primary and secondary schools through a verity of jobs in the south of the country, with the majority of the time spent working for a small company supporting 50 primary schools, charities, and small businesses in and around Slough and Reading. After meeting my wife and moving “Up North” I spent three years contracting, in various roles which included working for EMAS and NCC. Then came along my daughter and after a bit more stability financially I went and spent two years at Derwent Living as an infrastructure/support engineer.  When a position came available at Your IT it was the natural progression to return to supporting businesses.

What are the plans for the future?

Since joining Your IT my knowledge of WatchGuard Firewalls has increased tremendously and I’d like to build on this over the next few months. My passion is network security and always willing to help customers improve security on their networks.

IT Technician buried in wires
Pete on site*

Away from work what do you like to do to relax?

Outside of work, I’m a sports nut, anything and everything, rugby football, cricket,  you name it I will watch it. I try and play cricket in the summer months for a local village team but since the birth of my daughter 15 months ago these opportunities have dried up a little. I can be found watching Northampton Saints rugby in the winter months and at Trent Bridge in the summer when the wife allows me.

We have a three week holiday planned for New Zealand in February next year where we will be exploring the North island after doing the south island 18 months ago for our honeymoon. 26 hours on a plane with a 2020-month-oldish me luck.

But if im honest my most enjoyable past time is spending time with my daughter, there is nothing like coming home to her lovely smile and laughter.

Now for the quick fire questions………..

Age: 28 + VAT

What’s the best part of your job? Working with Ryan Bennett! what a LEG-END

What’s your idea of a perfect night out? A night at the rugby

Which historical figure would you like to go drinking with? Brian Moore

What’s your most embarrassing moment? Far too many to mention

What would be your superpower? Invisibility

How many days have you gone without showering? 5 (Reading festival)

Who was your favourite Spice Girl? I was more of an All Saints guy.

Finally, and this one is important, so please pay attention. What do you think cats dream about? Milk! Of course!

*This isn’t Pete, just how we imagine he works!