Microsofts To-Do gets an upgrade

Back in March last year we introduced you to Microsoft To-Do as part of our series ‘Getting More From Office 365’.

We described To-Do as a simple and straightforward app for creating to-do lists, set reminders and keep track of projects.

Well To-Do has had a bit of a makeover and is now a much more powerful tool.

Why the change?

Back in 2015 Microsoft purchased ‘Wunderlist’ a very highly regarded and popular to-do list app. Microsoft were transparent about their intentions for Wunderlist. They planned to add the best bits to ‘To-Do’ and then kill it off.

It has taken four years, with input from both the To-Do and Wunderlist communities and the results are in! On September 9th Microsoft unveiled the new version of To-Do. There is a fresh new design, access from wherever you are, and more integration with Microsoft apps and services.

A Fresh New Look

The design has been polished. The header size has been reduced, and more colour has been added giving you more options to personalise the app. It is still simple to use, but with many more options so you can tailor the app to suit your lists and personal taste.

There is a wide range of backgrounds, with the ability to choose a different background for each list. There is even a dark mode to protect against eye strain. The whole app has been freshened up, with a simple, modern feel.

Smart Daily Planner

To-Do features a unique personalised daily planner feature, called My Day. This helps you achieve the tasks that are important and meaningful to you every day. Smart suggestions in My Day helps you plan what you need to accomplish that day. My Day will refreshes everyday, so you can start the day with a blank slate. Any tasks you didn’t complete will be waiting for you in suggestions.

Access Your List Wherever You Are

To Do can sync across all platforms, including Mas, iOS, Android, Windows and the web. This means that wherever you are, and whatever device you’re using, you can take your lists with you. Commuting to work? Plan your day on your phone so you start work ready to check off all those tasks. If you’re on Windows or Android, you can toggle between your work and personal accounts. As you head out the office in the evening, you can leave your work lists behind, and open up your grocery list or see what’s in store for movie night on your personal account.

Part Of The Microsoft Family

Microsoft are on a mission to bring everything you need to do into one centralised view. You can flag messages you need to follow up on Outlook and see them in the Flagged Email list. The ‘Assigned to Me’ list shows you any tasks assigned to you in your shared lists and those from Microsoft Planner. From there you can add them to My Day to give you a holistic view of what you need to do today. But that’s not all—with Cortana integration, you can also add tasks from your Amazon Echo. And if you love Microsoft Launcher on Android? Guess what! To Do is integrated there too.

Security Is Paramount

Security is extremely important to Microsoft and it is no different within To Do. Your data is protected wherever it is and you can set-up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to help make sure your lists are kept secure.

Getting Started

The best thing you can do with To Do is to dive in and give it a go! The app is available from the Microsoft Store, simply enter your details to download it. We believe the best experience is to put it on your desktop/laptop and your mobile device.

How We Can Help

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