Microsoft Give Free Skype Calls Following the Nepal Earthquake

Microsoft is making all Skype calls to landlines and mobiles calling in and out of Nepal free of cost, after the awful earthquake there with a 7.8 magnitude, killing 4,000 people. Not only this, but Microsoft have also donated technology, services to assist in the rescue and recovery efforts in Nepal, and $1 million in cash. The rescue and recover efforts are to assist the thousands injured and aid to help with disaster recovery efforts.

Sprint and T-Mobile have made texts and calls to Nepal free, too, Facebook have activated its Safety Check feature, and Apple have launched a partnership with the American Red Cross to encourage iTunes users to donate. Although Google have lowered their costs of Google Voice in Nepal, they have put it down to 1 cent, rather than free like everyone else. They say they have done this to “prevent spammers from abusing our systems and possibly adding more load to the already stretched Nepalese telephone network.”