MDM Capabilities for Office 365

With the wide range of MDM (Mobile Device Management) capabilities for Office 365, you can get access on many different devices – including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices, with no additional cost.

But how does Office 365’s MDM capabilities work to keep your data safe?

Selective Wipe: It is easy to take company data off one of your employee’s devices without touching their personal data. It is becoming more and more common for businesses to have a ‘bring your own device’ approach, which is why this is an important feature.

Conditional Access: Office 365 leverages Microsoft Intune and the Microsoft Azure Active Directory to set up security policies on the devices that are connected to Office 365 to ensure that the Office 365 corporate email and documents are only be accessible on phones and tablets managed by your company. The Conditional Access policies will apply to your Office applications (e.g Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Word), and some other business apps, making management simpler for admins while ensuring users can work securely with their preferred productivity apps.

Device Management: You can use jailbreak detection and device-level pin lock to help prevent someone from accessing corporate data and email on a device when it’s missing.  Rich reporting and additional settings are also available within the Office 365 admin centre to gain critical insights about devices accessing your corporate data.


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