Leaked HTC One M9 Info

@Upleaks has leaked three promo video’s about the HTC One M9. They reveal that we’re likely to get a 4MP front camera for those most important selfies, and an incredible 20 MP back camera too. The HTC One M9 is also going to have Dolby surround sound from their signature BoomSound speakers.

Although there are still a few unconfirmed rumours, such as the exact choice of processor or availability, we know now for sure we will be getting the ability to share media with three-finger swipes, a widget showing apps based on location, and new photo editing that offers effects such as double exposure, more filters etc.

If you’re desperate to see the leaked videos or find out more information, you’ll have to wait until HTC’s March 1st event where they reveal all the info, although we already know most of it, as the leaked videos have also been taken down. However, there are screen shots from it still on the web of the theming and new photo editor, posted below.