iOS Secrets And Rumours

There are many rumours about what is to be expected for future iOS updates. One thing is for sure, iOS users have high hopes for new and exciting features! We want to find out as soon as we can which rumours are true. Here’s some of the new features people have been whispering about:
View App Usage:

Your iPhone may be able to view app usage. This feature would help immensely with battery life, as you would be able to eliminate apps taking up a larger percentage of your usage when you are not using them. Experts have said that the average user hasn’t got any idea what applications are taking up the majority of their battery lives.

A feature called “Greyscale” is rumoured to be coming to the iPhone. Their are apps in the Appstore already that you can install to change your phone’s colour scheme, but Apple will be giving this feature for free! Greyscale basically will turn your iPhone into a non-colour mode, which will save battery life.
Find My iPhone:

Find my iPhone is likely to be coming soon. You can install an app for this on the app store currently, but is likely to soon be automatically a part of your phone, and for free directly through Apple! It basically keeps a track on your phone so that if it gets lost or stolen you can find the address of where it is.
Backup Photos:

Backing up your photos is one of the ones that if the rumour isn’t true, the app developers should get on! If you’re worried about losing, breaking, or getting your phone stolen, you could send selected photos from your camera roll to recover if need be.
Relevant Applications:

If your location settings are switched on, your iPhone would pick up where you were and move the relevant applications to the bottom of your lock screen. Your phone would now be able to track where you are and suggest apps to you that may be relevant to your location. For example, in one of the photos above the phone was near a Starbucks, so the Starbucks app appeared in the bottom left corner.
Lock Screen Customisation:

Many People have been speculating that Apple will be introducing lock screen customisation. This would be much more difficult to implement into iOS development and not as simple as downloading an app… so who knows?