How to work from home

Given the current situation with the world it’s pretty obvious that a lot of us will now be working from home. Working from home can have a lot of advantages, and it is important to remain positive and think of these positives when times are tough!

With that being said it can be tough working from home, especially if you live alone! Here are some top tips about how to make the most of working from home.

Optimise space, maximise productivity

Moving work zones is a really great way to optimise your available work space. And remember, the outside world still exists, so go and explore it from time to time – as long as you are staying safe. There’s no reason why you can’t go for a walk as long as you are following social distancing guidelines.

Get dressed

Just like changing scenery gives fresh perspective, getting your body ready for work gets you in the right mindset too. If you stay in your pj’s without showering all day, you won’t be able to focus like you will if you get up and get dressed! Nobody is saying that you need to wear a suit, but just putting on some fresh clothes will make you feel much better.


Ensure collaboration with colleagues and clients is as easy as possible.

There are lots of apps out there that can stop you from feeling isolated when working away from the office. Apps are great because they can be used on the go, keeping you connected wherever you are. Microsoft Teams (part of Office 365 and currently free for everyone!) Whatsapp, even something as simple as FaceTime can all be used to stay connected! This will also prevent you from feeling isolated.

Prior planning prevents poor performance

A good plan will keep you focussed, helping you to complete manageable goals. This sense of achievement is a key motivator. But planning can go beyond the day-to-day – don’t be scared to think big.

Enjoy the freedom

You’ve set yourself up for working in your home, now it’s time to fully revel in the perks. Making your home-working space comfortable and personal is really relaxing, and will ease you through those stressful days in the ‘office’. Try to maintain a positive attitude and see this new situation as a positive. Why not use the time you are saving by not commuting to do something for yourself? You could try an at home workout or relax and read a book!

How We Can Help

At Your IT, we are here to get you through the tough times! If any of our clients are having any technical difficulties whilst working from home contact support.

For further help, why not check out our remote working resource page?