How Do I Share My Calendar In Microsoft Outlook?

So long as you have at least Microsoft Outlook 2003, you can give permission for other people to view your calendar. It’s quite simple:

Go on the Calendar button > Share My Calendar > Add > Add the name of the person > OK.

You then click the name of the person you wish you give permission to in the middle box. When it’s highlighted, click the drop down box next to where it says Roles and choose Author, then OK, then check the boxes you want added. You can either choose to have them be able to only read your items, add their own, or both! You can also select whether they can edit and delete items.

If you do make someone an Author, Publishing Editor or Editor, they can create, modify, read, and delete items.

Reviewers can only read your items.

If you select the Private, then you can keep some things private, so that people given access can’t view everything.