Good News For Apple Users: New Macbook Air

Rumours are flying around about a brand new MacBook Air! Word is that Apple have been working on a new 12-inch Air with a “higher resolution display.” According to The Wall Street Journal, factories have been told to be ready to ship “large quantities in the second quarter.” They won’t be ready to ship large quantities until between April and June. Guess we’d better keep our eyes peeled to see if the rumours are true, especially if you’re looking for a new laptop. The most current MacBook Air is already impressive enough, so a new one can only be expected to be even more amazing. Especially with the “radically new design” as reported by Mark Gurman. He also said there would be a reversible USB Type-C port, headphone jack, and dual headphones. Not forgetting the thinner and lighter body. Just when we thought the Air couldn’t get any thinner or lighter! Exciting!