Free Backup and Recovery Assessment

We are offering a complimentary Backup and Recovery Health Check to help businesses understand what’s being backed up and just how quickly they can recovery from a disaster.

It’s important to perform regular checks to ensure backups have been working, data can be recovered and check everything important is being backed up.

What do we do?

1. Initial discussion to determine what applications and data are critical to the business
2. Check what data and applications are backed up and where
3. Check the backup logs for any errors
4. Perform a Test Restore to ensure backup media is working
5. Perform Data Integrity Check to ensure data that is backed up is not corrupt
6. Data Security Checks for Offsite Media and Locations
7. Provide example recovery timescales for Data Loss, Application Loss and Major Disasters

Detailed Health Check Report

At the end of our checks we will provide your business with a detailed report on your backup systems. A simple traffic light system makes it easy for you to spot areas that can be improved along with the actions we would recommend.

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