Four Windows 8 issues that Microsoft fixed in Windows 10

1) Internet Explorer

Most people have moved on from the old school Internet Explorer, so weren’t best pleased when they had two versions of Internet Explorer taking up space on their device in Windows 8. Just for the few of you who still use it, you can still go on Internet Explorer in Windows 10. However, Microsoft’s new ‘Edge’ web browser, available in Windows 10, is much, much better.


2. The Start Screen

We can’t speak for every person on the planet who has used Windows 8, but we are confident in saying the majority of users will tell you that they hated it. Finally, to our delight, Microsoft have brought back the desktop Start menu in Windows 10. It’s a classic Windows Start menu, with a section for modern tiles.


3. Action Center

Microsoft have brought in the Action Centre (like Apple’s Notification Center) which will show you all of your notifications in one place quickly. This is because the Windows 8 live tiles weren’t the easiest to navigate to access information.


4. Easier for Tablets

Windows 8 had a single user interface that spans desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. In Windows 10, we have Continuum Mode, altering the Windows 10 users interface based on whether you’re on a PC or tablet. You can even switch back and forth on a hybrid device.