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Caught In The Crossfire

Think of your business as a 17th century boat in the ocean. It’s loaded with valuable treasure (data), and it’s currently under attack from two sides.

To your left is a pirate ship. This is where the hackers are. They’re trying every trick in the book to steal your treasure. Or lock it away and force you to pay to get it back.

To your right is a military ship. This is the government. It’s so keen that you protect your treasure from the pirates that’s it’s insisting you arm your boat in a very specific way. And it’s prepared to blow you out of the water if you don’t comply.

This book is your pilot craft. It explains how your boat got into this situation. And gives you a clear path towards your destination, keeping the government happy and the attackers at bay.

You can download a copy of the book or complete our contact form including your address in the ‘Your Enquiry’ box and we’ll arrange for a copy to be posted out to you.

Author Lee Hewson is an acknowledged data security expert, and is co-founder of Your IT Department.

A self-taught programmer, Lee has been interested in technology since he got his first ZX Spectrum.

In 2004 he founded Your IT Department with business partner Simon Cox. Your IT now employs 15 staff and looks after IT and Cyber Security for well over 100 businesses across the East Midlands and beyond.

If you’d like a chat with Lee about any aspect of IT in your business please book some time in his diary