Essential features for online meetings

1- Dial-in conferencing services. Video or web conferencing is used to maintain the visual aspect that’s appealing in face-to-face settings. However, some meeting participants may be traveling or on the go during the meeting, making a dial-in feature imperative. This feature gives participants the option to call into the meeting via their phone.


2- A high quality microphone. It’s highly important to have access to reliable audio during virtual meetings. Online collaboration will be boosted when everyone can clearly hear what is being said. What’s the point if you can’t hear what each other is saying?


3- High quality video. Because your virtual meetings are replacing face-to-face meetings within your organisation and/or with clients, it’s important that your meeting software includes high-definition video that will allow for the best picture possible. You should be using video resolution of at least 1080p. Being able to see participants on the other side will encourage dialogue and true collaboration.


4- Polling. When you are holding an especially large online meeting, it’s not possible to hear ideas from everyone. But taking a quick poll is a great way to solicit audience feedback, increase participation and keep your audience engaged.


5- Security compliance. It’s wise to select an online meeting service that offers a secure solution. It should include authentication and encryption, end-to-end regulatory compliance and consolidated management.


6- Recording and playback. In today’s business world where busy professionals attend more than 60 meetings per month, it’s common for at least one person—if not several—to miss a meeting. Recording and playback features make it simple for these team members to catch up on what they missed without wasting anyone else’s time. Online collaboration can also be saved for archiving purposes.


7- Content sharing. In most online meetings someone will want to share documents, applications, webpages, software etc with the group. Select virtual meeting software that allows presenters to share their screens (or portion of their screens), as well as delegate control to other meeting participants.


If your business is looking for the best alternative to face-to-face meetings, search for an online meeting service that provides a large range of features, including the eight listed above. Keep in mind your goals for online collaboration—which may include everything from increased productivity to decreased costs, a heightened sense of camaraderie among employees and more—and ensure that any service you engage will allow your business or organisation to achieve these goals.




(Thank you to Microsoft for the tips!)