Beware of the new phishing email that knows your address

A new type of phishing email that includes the recipient’s home address has been received by thousands of people. The scam emails claim that the recipient’s owe hundreds of pounds to UK firms. The firms involved have been inundated with phone calls from worried members of the public. One security expert warned clicking on the link would install malware.

One lady who received an email said, “the email has good spelling and grammar and my exact home address… When I say exact I mean, not the way my address is written by those autofill sections on web pages, but the way I write my address. My tummy did a bit of a somersault when I read that, because I wondered who on earth I could owe £800 to and what was about to land on my doormat.” She quickly realised it was a scam and did not click on the link.

A spokesman for British Millerain Co Ltd, a waxed cotton fabric manufacturer, said that the firm “had more than 150 calls from people who don’t owe us money.”

Dr Steven Murdoch, principal research fellow at the department of computer science at University College London, told You and Yours: “Most likely it was a retailer or other internet site that had been hacked into and the database stolen, it then could have been sold or passed through several different people and then eventually it got to the person who sent out these emails.” He said that the email bore the hallmark of previous phishing attempts from gangs in Eastern Europe and Russia. He said that clicking on the link would install malware such as Cryptolocker, which is a form of ransomware that will encrypt files on Windows-based computers and then demand a fee to unlock them.

If anyone receives this email they are advised to delete it and report it to the national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre ‘Action Fraud’.

phishing email

Thank you to the BBC for the info!