Backing Up – Why the cloud is your best option.

Everybody knows you should backup your files, but it’s amazing how many businesses still don’t have a suitable solution in place. If you’ve ever had a power cut before you’ve finished saving something then you’ll know how annoying it can be but if your hard drive fails you lose everything, and you’d probably be surprised how often a failure happens.

There are a number of different ways you can backup your files and we’ve listed a few below. However the best solution is almost certainly a Cloud based backup solution; here we look at the alternatives and why a cloud based solution is probably your best option.

Can anybody spot the flaw in this back up plan?!!


External Hard Drive.

Using an external hard drive is a very simple backup solution and involves plugging a separate device into your computer. The cost of external hard drives has reduced considerable over the past couple of years – you can now get a 1TB USB drive for around £40 – and a USB thumb drive could also be a solution for some.

In order to use the device you simply copy files over to the external drive and then access them again if your computer breaks down or you delete something accidently. Whilst this is a simple solution the drawback is that it can be pretty slow and tedious – you may have to manually transfer files to the external device every time you want to back something up. The fact you have a separate device also comes with its own issues as this can be lost, stolen or broken.

Cloud Storage

Services such as Dropbox could be used as a backup solution, however they do have their own issues. You’ll have a folder on your computer and drag or copy files into this folder yourself. These files are then stored remotely and accessible on other devices, for instance a laptop or tablet with an internet connection. Having to manually choose which files to backup is fairly tedious and you may well meet problems with the amount of data you can store. This means that unless you want to pay a fairly large amount for a premium subscription then you’re unlikely to be able to save your entire hard drive.

Cloud Backup Solution.

An automatic cloud backup solution is the best answer to creating an backup of all your files and folders. It will sync whenever you have an internet connection, meaning anything you do is updated in real time, to provide an up-to-date backup of your computer’s hard drive, whenever you need it.

What is Cloud Backup?

Many people think that cloud back-up is the same as cloud storage but this is not strictly true. Whilst they both involve storing your files securely on a remote server, it is only a cloud backup service which will create copies of your files automatically. With cloud storage you’ll only get copies of the files that you’ve told the system to save.

Cloud back-up is a data protection method. It works by creating copies of your files and then transferring them to a secure storage location over the internet. A 3rd party provider normally looks after the secured location and the service carries a monthly fee. It is designed to protect you against loss of data such as accidently deleting files, but also works if your hard drive fails – you’ll have your files saved on the cloud and they can be restored to a new drive, meaning you don’t lose anything.

If you utilise a cloud back-up service this will sync your entire hard drive automatically. Each time you create a document, picture, video or other file it will be transferred to your cloud back-up service automatically and can be easily retrieved in the event of a problem.

A Cloud Backup Service will also be extremely secure. Security is something that is taken very seriously by backup service providers. Your data will be securely encrypted. This means that your files are effectively scrambled so that nobody can see what they contain, so if your cloud backup provider is hacked then nothing of valuable can be obtained.

Most cloud backup providers will also have in built protection against malware and viruses which provides an additional level of protection. Finally if the backup server should ever have a problem, you backup service provider will have a backup of your backup so you don’t lose any data.

Why a Cloud Backup is So Important

It only takes one small virus, or one cup of tea spilt on your laptop and all of your files could be lost forever. Cloud backup is a low cost, secure solution that will stop this from ever happening to you.

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