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Guide – Are you looking for more from your IT Support Provider?

The Covid-19 pandemic made businesses across the UK question the quality of the IT support they were receiving.

We’ve been very busy recently talking to local businesses. Whether we were talking to the business owner, a manager with responsibility for IT, or even an IT Manager looking to supplement their in-house team we’ve noticed a recurring theme.

They want more.

More than just an IT company that fixes stuff that goes wrong.

During those calls we’ve been asked more and more questions about how we can act as a real partner to the business. What we do in the background to keep that company running efficiently. How we’ll keep the business and it’s data safe. And how we’ll help that business grow and prosper.

There are five questions in particular that we keep getting asked, and we’ve be delighted to answer each one with a very positive YES!

So we’ve put them into this brand new guide.