Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier


Yelp is probably the best way to find businesses near you. Whether it’s the nearest Starbucks, McDonalds, Chinese, Ikea, etc. If it’s a late night thing, switch to the “open now” filter, or most of them might be closed.


This is a great App to help you navigate yourself around. It will give you maps and directions using data from local public transit. You don’t even need internet connection!


This app crowdsources traffic data, road conditions, and other information such as camera lights, speed traps, nearby petrol stations (along with their prices, and other nearby businesses. It will also automatically re-route your journey to get you to your destination quicker. This is a great app for anyone who drives a lot!


Flipboard is great. You simply select which news topics you’d want to see, E.g Tech, Politics, then the app will create you themed magazines based on what you like. It can also connect to your social media accounts to share to them all.


Venmo is a great and quick way to send the people you know some money. It can also request payments off people for you. It’s very easy to send transferred money back to your bank account too.

Flush Toilet Finder

Pretty amazing. Flush will give you listings for all the public restrooms wherever you are or are going. It even has information regarding disability access, key requirements, and user reviews. Because who doesn’t leave reviews on the bathroom after their visit? 😉


Sunrise is a great calendar app, and arguably better than the original Calendar app already installed onto your iPhone. It syncs with Google, Microsoft Exchange, and iCloud to put all your reminders and appointment together. Not only this, but it will pull Google Maps and Weather data to your events.

Google Now

By enabling voice searches you can find anything: recipes, directions, stores, directions. All you have to say is “Ok, Google.” It even goes as far as presenting you your reminders.


Shazam will identify the song on the radio, club, whatever that is playing in your microphone, and tell you what it’s called and who by in a matter of seconds.


If you’re browsing online you can save things like recipes, articles, etc for later on in your Pocket app. It will sync to all your devices and doesn’t require internet access.