Apps That Could Change Your Work Productivity

1. Acompli

Acompli brings the most important emails to the top, dragging less important to the bottom by using machine learning, and cleverly paying attention to which emails that you respond the quickest to.

2. Google Inbox

Some people say Google Inbox has changed the way they approach email, as it helps cut through clutter. It also has a ‘snooze’ option, so you can quickly ‘snooze’ an email notification, just as you would an alarm, and set an automatic reminder to respond later on if you’re too busy.

3. HelpScout

Despite it being a help desk system, you can use HelpScout to access your personal email, too. You can immediately find records of email conversations, helping productivity. It also has brilliant organisation and workflows.

4. Slack

Slack is making waves in the tech industry. It is a great time saver, as it cuts down the back and forth of emails. Each team member is able to be included in searchable conversations. It’s extremely useful for if you have staff distributed across multiple locations, as the tool helps conversations stay transparent, focused, and easy to navigate. And unless you add premium features, it’s completely free!

5. RelateIQ

RelateIQ is fantastic. It doesn’t just sync with your CRM; it IS the CRM. You have access to follow-ups, tasks, and sales lists inside of email on mobile. It’s not so amazing at bulk processing email, but is good enough to spend days working with just your mobile device.

6. Google Apps

Google Apps are well known, but they just keep improving. There’s the simplicity yet effectiveness of Gmail, but with Google Drive it’s so easy to work with collaborative documents. Accessing its API’s would also be helpful for developing business tools.

7. Evernote

Evernote enables you to write and categorise notes and to-do lists, no matter where you are, and sync across each of your devices, e.g iPad, iPhone etc.

8. HelloSign

HelloSign is an extension on Gmail that could save you a lot of time. You could open a document, click a quick button to sign and send it in the same email – all just in around 15-20 seconds.

9.  SaneBox

SaneBox is another one that can automatically organise your emails by importance.  It enables you to only view the most important and relevant emails in your inbox. It takes your email patterns and learns your preferences each day. If you have a lot of emails to get to, this could be very useful.