5 Microsoft applications no small business should live without

– Cortana

Windows 10 and Windows Phone Cortana is both intuitive and addictive! Use it to quickly find information and set reminders for when you get back to the office. Even when you’re mobile, Cortana can help find car parks and other services in your vicinity. It will save time and mean you don’t always need to pre-plan.

– Live Tiles and Social Media integration

All the things that are important to you can be right there in your live tiles, including your social media engines. You can be more in control as you’ll see instantly when new notifications come in so you don’t miss enquires. Plus if you have a Windows Phone you can instantly capture images and add them up to the social media sites.

Skype for Business will give you a cost effective way to keep close face-to-face contact with your customers/clients and a way to engage with them overseas. It will be a vital service if you scale out business, and will enable you to branch out in new markets with additional services.

– OneNote

OneNote can run your life as much as Outlook. Keep all your ‘to do’ lists there and have separate notebooks for different aspects of the business including client notes, supplier lists, recipe ideas, etc.

– Outlook Calendar

Outlook just gives a real peace of mind that all your emails and calendar are in one place. It helps to keep on top of work and plan ahead, and is incredibly easy to manage and use.