4 ways to securely protect your small business

1) Awareness Training

Train your employees on Internet Safety so that they’re wary of attachments or links in emails, even if they seem to come from people they trust. Don’t become a statistic. With small steps, you can better protect your business against cyber threats.


2) Upgrade Your Protection

Many small businesses still rely on basic firewall technology. Advanced security devices, like unified threat management (UTM) appliances, are designed to stop today’s broad array of attacks. These technologies are now cost-effective and easy for small businesses to manage. In fact, the best UTM solutions deliver advanced threat protection solutions that ensure small businesses can survive even the most advanced new malware threats.


3) Software Patches

This is one of the most important steps that your small business can take. Around 80-90% of Internet exploits leverage old flaws. Take advantage of free software updates from manufacturers to patch your operating system and other applications, and apply firmware updates to your hardware.


4) Strong Password Policy

Make sure you and your employees use strong passwords, and that the same one isn’t used everywhere. Adopting a password manager for your organisation is an easy way to help employees use effective passwords and keep them safe.



Thank you to future of business and tech.