4 tips to safeguard your Small Business

Cybercrime costs small businesses in the UK £785 million each year. Last year the number of data breaches increased by 23%, and over a third of spear-phishing attacks targeted small businesses. Here are the best tips to follow to safeguard your small business:


1. Have your passwords protected. Don’t use the same password on different accounts. If someone figures out your password, and it’s the same password you use for everything, they’ll have access to everything. Also make sure your password is highly secure and random, not something like your name, kids names, birthday etc. And be smart. You wouldn’t store your credit card details on your desk, phone, or tell people them, so keep your passwords as tight a secret as you would them.


2. Anti-virus software. Ensure that each of your devices have a strong anti-virus software installed. If you’re not protected, you will get infected. You have to be prepared. Everyone is at risk but not everyone has to be a victim.


3. Get your employees in the know. You need to get the message across to each employee how important IT security is. Explain the correct behaviour around the systems, how they should handle their data, how valuable different data is to the business, and what the risks are.


4. Make your devices disposable. By using a cloud services, like Office 365, you can make your devices ‘disposable.’ Basically, you will still have access to your accounts and whatever is inside them. So if your laptop gets stolen for example, you can log back into Office 365 on your new laptop and get your data.