10 Things In Tech Going On Right Now:

  1. Amazon are going to start paying book authors by the number of pages that have been viewed. They will calculate this with authors who publish Kindle titles directly through Amazon.
  2. Samsung will be fixing their security vulnerability flaw that their smartphones currently have.
  3. Multiple Reddit moderators say that their site has a “terrible problem” with leadership and direction.
  4. After Taylor Swift publicly criticised Apple’s decision not to pay royalties to artists during free music trials, Apple have changed their mind and will now pay the artists.
  5. Devialet, a Fresh audio hardware company, are going to expand into the US after raising $20 million in new funding.
  6. Google Ventures have invested in an Oxford University fund called Oxford Sciences Innovation, which is their second investment in Europe.
  7. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has said the Model S is “a little too guy centric” and they want to appeal to more women.
  8. Uber have changed their legal terms so that people cannot carry guns in their vehicles.
  9. Cleaners at office space startup WeWork claim that they are threatened to lose their jobs if they unionise.
  10. SurveyMonkey’s head of HR says that Recruiters have reportedly been targeting employees following the death of its CEO, Dave Goldberg.


(Thank you to BiTech for the info!)