Purchasing IT Equipment

If you don’t know you’re RAM from your ROM, your SSD from you HDD or your OS from your ISP you are not alone!

As a Business Owner, or Manager who looks after IT in your organisation, you can waste a tremendous amount of time trying to shop around for a good deal on IT equipment only to find it’s no better than what it replaces!

IT buying can be difficult. It’s another one of those ‘little jobs’ that ends up taking far too long and can be really frustrating.

The Common Mistakes When Buying IT

The most common mistakes that people make when buying IT for businesses include:

Ordering machines with Windows Home rather than Pro. This usually means an immediate, and often costly, upgrade just so the machine can be put on the network.

Letting staff choose their own equipment. John likes Apple, so he got a MAC, Sharon is a PC fan all the way, Toby built his own Linux machine. Nobody can print, communicate with each other or even open documents that anyone else sent!

Not understanding what specification they need. The laptop for someone in the office needs different components than the one for the team doing CAD drawings.

Automatically thinking the most expensive is the best choice. “It will be brilliant, it was really expensive.” – Yeah but it’s a high end gaming machine and you only want to do a spreadsheet.

Going for the cheapest. At the other end of the scale, you generally get what you pay for and buying the cheapest item available is likely a false economy.

Buying something that doesn’t work with anything else. Ever bought a shiny new desktop that wouldn’t plug in to the monitor you bought two months ago? Again, you are definitely not alone!

Underestimating what it takes to configure a new computer for your business. There’s often a lot to install and even more to take off a new computer before it’s business ready.

Would This Makes Things Easier For You…..

A single point of contact for every piece of technology you want to buy.

You simply tell them what you want, who it’s for and they go and get exactly what you need.

The computer is pre-configured and then shipped to you. The staff member plugs it in, enters the password and everything is ready to go.

All the invoices come from one place.

Standardisation of your equipment across the business. People doing the same job have the same makes and models of equipment.

Over time build standard specifications for the people in your business. You just log on to your portal, click the machine you need, say who it’s for and it arrives a couple of days later configured and ready to go.

How We Make IT Buying Easier

We work mainly with Dell Desktops and Laptops. Working with a single manufacturer enables us to secure better deals and understand the technology better. We source directly from the distributor so we can ensure authentic Dell systems and offer extended warranties.

Of course, if you’ve got a particular preference for a different manufacturer we can accommodate this.

It’s not just computers we can source for you. Printers, keyboards, phones, sim cards, servers, switches, plotters, you name it we’ve sourced it!

We can even offer several ways to pay, including our Hardware-As-A-Service offer to spread the costs of larger purchases.

Finding Out How We Can Help

Our IT Support clients all benefit from our IT buying service. If you’d benefit from someone who can take away the difficulties associated with buying technology, then it all starts with a 15-minute video call. Book yours using our live calendar people. We can’t wait to speak to you.


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