Network Audits & Installation

As the glue holding together your IT infrastructure, your network must be flexible, functional, and future proof. We will work with your business to design high-performance wired and wireless network infrastructures that won’t let you down.

Network Audits

A slow network is frustrating and lowers productivity so our network audit service is designed to ensure that your business’ network is running exactly as it should in order to meet the requirements of your business.

From removing obsolete applications that are using up valuable space, or freeing up bottlenecks in your system, our skilled professionals can carry out effective and high-quality work for low, fixed prices.

We also offer a system health check service, as well as taking extra steps to increase the security of your system.

Network Installation

We’ve been involved in numerous networking projects. These range from extending existing networks through to the design and implementation of new ones.

Planning and design are crucial to ensuring that you get the right network for your business. As businesses grow mistakes in network design can cause significant issues.

You need to work with an experienced provider who will design a solution which meets your needs both now and in the future. With the correct solution your applications will run faster, you’ll spend less time waiting for responses and your users will be happier and more productive.

We build smart, reliable wired and wireless networks that are ready to handle the demands of your business.

Wired Networks

Wired networks remain the most popular method of connecting IT infrastructure and for very good reasons. Wired networks are fast, efficient and reliable, benefiting from much lower levels of interference than with a wireless network.

Wireless Networks

Wireless technology has come a long way and can provide greater flexibility and scalability than a wired solution. Without costly wiring solutions the installation of a wireless network can often work out cheaper too.

Wireless can be particularly useful where remote workers visit the office occasionally or where offering a connection to visitors or customers would be beneficial.

Connecting Multiple Locations

Businesses are not limited to single sites and so neither are networks. We can connect branches, field offices, and remote workers so they are part of a unified company network.

There is very little we’ve not seen before so whatever the challenge we’ll be confident of finding the correct networking solution for your business.


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