GDPR & Data Privacy

Protect your data and get compliant

We believe that organisations can gain real competitive advantage by demonstrating commitment to the privacy and security of the personal data they hold.

Whilst the technical products and expertise available from Your IT provide comprehensive protection against cyber-attack and data breach, you’ll need more than software and hardware to protect your data and comply fully with legislation.

Through a partner organisation we offer a comprehensive range of services that deliver regulatory compliance and certification for businesses that want to be at the top of their game.

Why use Your IT?

We work with carefully chosen partners with decades of experience in data privacy. Because we use a third-party our customers get a completely impartial service.

Many IT companies audit their own solutions, we don’t think that’s right. It’s like marking your own homework! If our partner doesn’t think the technical solutions we’ve provided are good enough they will let us, and you, know!

Cyber Essentials

You need to create a compliant data security environment and want assistance achieving it. Cyber Essentials is a great way of demonstrating your organisations commitment to cyber security.

Using similar principles to ISO 27001, the IASME Cyber Essentials delivers reassurance to clients and stakeholders that you take data security seriously.

Our auditing methodology and comprehensive, easy to follow documentation delivers the best route to compliance. This minimises risk of non-compliance, lowers internal resource needs and avoids potential additional cost. Cyber Essentials reduces your risk of cyber-attack by up to 80%. This significantly lowers your risk and associated costs, disruption and the loss of credibility that cyber-attacks bring. We even include £20,000 of cyber insurance as part of our package.

On successful certification, you will demonstrate compliance to the increasing number of organisations that demand Cyber Essentials in tenders and contracts. This means winning more business by doing the right thing.

Data Privacy Services & GDPR consultancy

You may realise you need to be compliant with data privacy legislation, especially the new General Data Protection Act that comes into effect from May 2018. However, you might need some assistance to get where you need to be. Your organisation may also need to comply with other regulations and legislation specific to your activities or sector such as the PECR.

Our Data Privacy services untangles the jargon and delivers comprehensive insight, implementation and management services. Our objective is to develop an environment of robust data privacy and security that delivers the compliance that suits your budget and risk appetite.

Training Packages

We also offer a wide range of flexible training and briefing packages.

These can range from a 30 minute telephone consultation, workshops and seminars through to one-to-one training for Data Protection officers.

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